Top Brain Exercises To Strengthen Your Mind

Brain exercises to strengthen your mind like you can do mind. Push-ups who would have thought that special gymnastics involving your fingers. Could improve your memory sharpen your attention and focus and boost your brain health. To get to the bright side of life these gymnastics for the brain were developed by Yoshi Rose Tsutsumi. 

A Japanese researcher and author of the book finger self-massage yo she wrote Tsutsumi starting from scratch the set of simple exercises described in this work focuses on improving general well-being and supporting brain health if you repeat this short finger workout on a daily basis the stimulation traveling from your fingers directly to your brain will help to rejuvenate your body and make your brain more efficient each fingertip has more than 3000 mekka no receptors which act as a highway to your brain particularly its sensory cortex when you do a finger workout you improve synapse connections and fire neurons which is great for the functioning of your brain as with any proper workout this set also has some warm-up exercises

Exercise number 1

Inhale deeply through your nose bend your elbows and lift your fingers to eye level your palms should be facing each other and your fingers should touch breathe out through your mouth and lower your right hand a bit at the same time you should bend the fingers of your left hand and use them to cover the finger tips of your right hand it should look like you're trying to catch a hand that's sliding down now breathe through your nose and straighten the fingers on your left hand simultaneously move the palm of your right hand up and cover the fingertips on your left hand with the bent fingers
of your right hand repeat this exercise 15 times your breathing should be a bit faster than usual the most important thing is to do the exercise smoothly and not to hurry try not to lower your hands and
coordinate your movements and breathing

Exercise number 2

Hold your hands in front of your chest your palms should be facing each other in touching your
wrists should be pressed together as well there shouldn't be any strain and you should feel comfortable breathe in and out several times as you normally do this will allow you to concentrate before the upcoming rapid movements while staying in the same position quickly separate your right and left wrists simultaneously spread your fingers wide only the tips of your fingers should be touching after that bring your palms back together and take a quick breath through your mouth your
fingers should still be splayed out separate your palms again in such a way that only your fingertips touch and breathe out at the same time while pressing your fingertips together turn your wrists so that your middle fingers are directed at your chest repeat the same movements in this position repeat
each movement at least 10 times your breathing should be rhythmical and your fingers should be spread as much as possible.

Exercise number 3

While breathing in and out rhythmically as you do in your everyday life lift your arms bent at the elbows to your mouth your palms should be facing you and your pinky fingers should be touching exhale completely and don't breathe for a couple of seconds after that inhale through your nose while bending all your fingers one by one start with the thumb on your right hand and finish with the thumb on your left hand after you've bent all your fingers exhale through your mouth and straighten all your fingers one by one this time start with a thumb on the left hand repeat these movements at least ten times make sure you bend and straighten each finger thoroughly and completely

Exercise number 4

For this exercise you'll need four walnuts oh wait go get the walnuts all right you can replace walnuts with any other nuts big enough to assist you haha like me take a walnut and start to roll it around your left palm while pressing on it with your right palm you need to press on the walnut in such a manner
that this movement takes some effort keep doing this exercise for at least one minute turn your left hand and start to roll the nut around the back of this hand you should still use your right palm to press on the walnut repeat this for up to one minute now take two walnuts in each hand and start to roll
them by using circular motions you should move the walnuts in your right hand clockwise and the ones in your left hand counterclockwise try to do this for at least one minute these are the most
popular exercises with nuts they're nutty exercises rolling motions calm down nervous tension reduce anxiety and relief feelings of dissatisfaction most importantly they prevent the aging of your brain and promote longevity when the brain ages your memory attention span and concentration weaken luckily this finger workout can help you deal with this problem the following exercises will help you improve your memory

Exercise number 5

first of all tightly press together the finger tips of your thumb and index finger on your right hand you should slightly curve the uppermost part of your index finger repeat the same movement for your thumb and middle finger your ring finger and your pinky one by one repeat this exercise 20 times for each hand

Exercise number 6

With the finger tip of the thumb on your right hand press down on the bottom of your right index finger middle finger ring finger and pinky in turn you should apply effort to do this exercise after you repeat this motion 20 times do the same for your left hand

Exercise number 7

This exercise will boost your attention and concentration hold your left hand in a loose fist the fingers on your right hand should be straight and gather together bring the tips of the fingers on your right hand toward the bottom of the pinky on your left hand after that switch your hands your right hand should be in a fist and the finger tips of your left hand should be touching the bottom of your right hand pinky repeat these movements for each hand in turn as quickly and precisely as you can do at least 10 repetitions for each hand remember to breathe out through your mouth every time you switch hands as you've probably understood your brain is tightly connected to your hands since most people have one dominant hand the brain hemisphere connected to this hand is more developed than the other one thus lefties have a more active right hemisphere and right-handed people enjoy a more developed left hemisphere to activate both hemispheres you can try the following exercises

Exercise number 8

Try to perform everyday activities like brushing your teeth eating opening doors or writing with the help of your non-dominant hand this can develop new connections between the two hemispheres
of your brain and encourage the activity of the less vigorous hemisphere exercise and start to write by hand more this activity provides perfect brain stimulation and improves neural plasticity specialists recommend this method to patients who suffer from memory issues or dementia thus by keeping let's say a diary you'll improve your memory and brain function and will note down important moments of your life kind of cool huh so do you know any other ways to keep your brain active and your mind sharp if so you know what to do write about these methods in the comment section down below

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