Bluetooth Speaker JBL Go

 ब्लूटूथ स्पीकर JBL Go

JBL CO it is quite an old speaker it launched way back in 2015 and back then it was quite good it
definitely stood among the top it offered great sound quality for the price although we also had Logitech's X 50 and X 100 for around the same price they were better in terms of sound quality but the JBL go was louder and back then we didn't really have many choices if we were on a budget we would rather buy something that's loud than something that's clear but not loud enough even for a small room that's probably the story of JBL go success and of course the color options also probably made a difference okay they definitely made a difference because come on eight colors all of them bright and vivid who wouldn't like to
 have one of them more overall basic features were present and accounted for a microphone for phone calls which the Logitech X 50 did not have decent 5 hours battery life and aux port for
wired connection it was also really light and water and pairing it with the phone was a super simple process thanks to the dedicated Bluetooth button at the top so while it was not the best in terms of audio quality as an overall package it was good enough to warrant a purchase especially due to the color options ok I need to stop obsessing over colors now Bluetooth speakers don't get outdated as quickly as smartphones - even then four years is a long time in fact JBL even launched the co2 but it's more expensive belongs to a different price segment but even in the same price segment under thousand five hundred or thousand six hundred rupees there are a lot of new options now from both maybe Philips Porter awnings and so on and a few of them are definitely better than the JBL go in fact go watch this video top best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 Rs. as of May 2009 teen check it out if you're interesting so why is the JBL go still the best-selling speaker online well I don't work for any online e-commerce website so I don't have internal data or proper analytics to support my claim I will just give you my best guess and it's probably right see guys ever since online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or E-Bay started
dominating electronic sales you know because we could buy stuff at cheap prices compared to offline stores people stopped going to offline stores right now people don't have a means of trying out the product before buying it if it's a smartphone or a laptop then we can rely on specifications to an extent and then of course we have a lot of
YouTube channels that will show you the products and explain everything about them so if someone is playing pop G on a galaxy M31 camera then you can literally see the stutters and see the frame drops so you get a good idea of the phone's performance for audio products like Bluetooth speakers and headphones it's a lot more complicated we can't really show you audio so people have to rely on a reviewers verdict and a lot of us recommended the
JBL go back in 2015 and 2016 so it's not surprising that it became a best-seller but why is it still a best-seller in may 2019 now I'm sure that every single person reading this searches the internet about a product before buying it but not everybody is interested in tech not everybody likes to watch many YouTube videos or blogs before making a decision now what happens to those people they go to online and search for Bluetooth speakers they scroll down they see the bestseller tag they see four and a half stars they see around 21,000 ratings and boom done so in the past two years most people bought the JBL go because it was a best-seller not because they thought it was the best here's another proof similarly the birthstone 200 also became ultra popular it's currently the number 3 best seller on Amazon but then again there is a birthstone 230 and then there's a birthstone 260 both of which cost less than thousand five hundred rupees and I personally tried both the 200 and the 260 and the two 60s audio quality is much better it has an amazing base and there are a lot of color options. Well I've explained everything very clearly you will know what you need to buy after reading this so all I am saying is being the best seller doesn't mean it's the best and it applies to all product categories but especially when it comes to audio products you need to spend a little more time on research and product reviews and comparisons, so that's it Thank you!

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